Black Rock Solar Energy

Great Basin Ventures is a lead investor in the Black Rock Solar Energy solar array project. It is a 100MWdc solar power array located in the Black Rock Desert south of Delta, Utah. The solar installation will provide clean energy to California and Utah. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

Black Rock Solar project aerial view of panels
Black Rock Solar site panels
Black Rock solar site construction

Located near the Rocky Mountain Black Rock Substation

Phase One of the Black Rock Solar Energy is 80 MWdc and Phase Two is 20 MWdc. Located just south of Delta, Utah, in Millard County, the plant is located approximately seven miles from the Rocky Mountain Black Rock Substation, which services the energy grid of the western United States. The power generated from the Black Rock Solar Energy project will provide energy to commercial and residential locations in California and Utah.

Green Power Initiatives

The Black Rock Solar Energy project will have a special focus on Southern California, where green power is essential for businesses to comply with state mandates for renewable energy. These sustainability initiatives seek to increase the reliance on renewable energy sources over the next three decades. The goal is for Southern California to use 60% renewable energy by 2030, and 100% renewable energy by 2045, and the Black Rock Solar Energy project will play a key role.

Lease Royalties

Lease royalties from the Black Rock Solar Energy project will benefit the Utah public education programs as the project is leased through the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA).

A Designated Utah Opportunity Zone

The Black Rock Solar Energy lease is in an Opportunity Zone, which is a designation that incentivizes investment to promote the development of infrastructure. The goal of these incentives is to advance business ventures in mining, agriculture, and other industries in rural parts of Utah. With their renewable energy investment, Great Basin Ventures is a cornerstone investor in the project.

Building 3

SLC-GLC Building 3 is located within the Global Logistics Center, adjacent to the Utah Inland Port. The property is currently leased by Amazon.

Amazon SLC Building aerial view 1
Carlson Distributing commercial property

Carlson Distributing Legacy Warehouse

The Carlson Distributing Legacy Warehouse is a second-generation light industrial warehouse located within the Centennial Industrial Park.